Sweet Summertime

Everything is so much sweeter with kids! This is the first year that summer is a “real thing” to Rilynn! She doesn’t quite understand it yet, and its so adorable, when she wakes up every morning she asks “Is it school today?” and I have to explain to her over and over again, that its “summertime.” After our beach day yesterday I think she might finally be starting to understand because she couldn’t stop singing “its summertime.” I want both of my kids to be able to look back and remember how sweet summer is, and the magic that it holds.

This summer is going to be all about making memories. My goal is to get out and do as many things as a family as we can. Together is better.  Getting outside, going to the beach Going on hikes, going camping, being spontaneous and collecting moments.

This summer is going to be about enjoying the little things, taking a few extra minutes with everything we do and letting my kids be kids. Soaking up the sun and soaking up the smiles on their faces. Joining in on the excitement that they have when I tell them where we are going. Not being lazy or making excuses when we want to do something, just going and doing it.

The other night we walked on the windy cold beach, and the next morning we were blessed with a beautiful day without a cloud in site . The beach was calling our names. We had a sandy picnic, attempted to build sand castles, ran from the waves, chased seagulls, and just had so much fun. We  didn’t stay long ( made it home by nap time #momwin) but it’s not about how long you stay it’s about how you spend the time you are there!

All I can say is “hello summer, we are going to make the best of you”

💛 Kayla


Hands Full. Heart Fuller.


“For all the things my hands have held, the best is by far you”

As I sit here to write this post in a quiet home where kids are peacefully sleeping, I don’t quite know where to begin, except for how in the heck did I get so lucky?! I always knew that I wanted to be a mom, I’m pretty sure I played with dolls until 7th or 8th grade(not joking…and yes totally embarrassing ) to practice my future life as a mom! And here I am 14 years later blessed with two amazing kids of my own!

Motherhood is full of so many crazy emotions, challenges and love. Somedays I feel so on top of things and positive like “hey I rock at this mom thing.” While others its more like “oh no, I didn’t handle that situation right, are my kids doomed?!” But seriously, thats what being a mom is all about, theres awesome days and theres not so awesome days when you are just ready to get your kids into bed for the night, but then wait, you start to miss them and feel oh-so guilty for wanting to put them to bed when you could be cuddling them and staring at their cute faces. Motherhood is a learning as you go kind of deal and you just have to roll with it! You can’t beat yourself up about the not so good days or moments, you are still a great mom and your babes still love you more than ANYTHING and know that you love them too!

Having a boy and a girl has been one huge learning experience in its own! They are also pretty close in age (23 months apart) so that alone can cause for some craziness. I had my little Rilynn first and she was seriously the easiest child in the world,  piece of cake “I’m ready for another one” So then came Hudson, a boy?! I was seriously convinced that  I was going to have another girl and Rilynn was going to have a sister just like I did. But where’s the fun in life if you are always getting what you expect! Having a boy seriously made me so so nervous, could I smother him and baby him like I was use to doing with Rilynn? Um yes of course!  I am a strong believer that “God only gives you what you can handle” and come to find out Boys are just as awesome as girls but I think it was normal fear to have! I love having a boy and a girl! You really do get the best of both worlds and my kids have completely opposite personalities, I seriously wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some days are peaceful and others I’m playing referee, breaking up fights and constantly repeating “please share,” or “don’t hit each other with that” Our days are filled with “I love you sissy” and “I love you brothers” which melt my momma heart every time! They’re constantly chasing each other around the house while laughing historically. I secretly love when they fight over who gets to sit on my lap while I drink my coffee, we always compromise and decide I have two legs, one was made for each of them. The cuddles and hugs make up for any mishaps through out the day and it will never get old! I even steal a handful of kisses when the opportunity arises. Just knowing that they have each other, as built in best friends is the best feeling ever. I wish I could freeze time and replay the moments when I see Hudson looking up at his sister and quickly copies what she does. I pray every night that they will always share the special bond they share today and stay best friends forever.

Getting to watch them each grow into their little people is the most amazing feeling in the world it’s completely indiscribable and I cannot wait to see what God has planned for their futures.

i love you this much and more and then some Hudson and Rilynn






My Summer Wish-list


imageSo this is really hard for me to admit, but since having kids my style has been seriously slacking! Like big time! I have always had a love for fashion and getting all done up and pretty, lets be honest I just don’t have as much time to get ready anymore! My kids always come first but moms need to feel good about themselves too, like moms are cute too right?!

With summer right around the corner I wanted to put together a quick summer basics wish-list, and yes it includes leggings and tennis shoes, but thats what I the days I’m home with the kids alone! Other than that you will probably find me in basic tees and tanks, chunky heels, ripped jeans, flowy pants, lace up sandals, and lots of neutral colors! What will some of your favorites be?


All items linked below 🙂




Hi everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I am super excited to get this thing going! I’m Kayla, I  am married to my highschool sweetheart/best friend Bradley and am mama to our 2 babes Hudson and Rilynn! Follow me through this journey of motherhood and this crazy life we live. Family always comes first around here but I also love: iced coffee, Jesus, affordable fashion, shopping small, shoes, dressing my babes,the simple little moments, good food, and a whole lot more! I am looking forward to sharing these things with you so stay tuned for so much more to come.